Best home addition contractor in Long Hill

Are you looking to do some home additions at your present residence, we are here to make your living worth it. Cocuzza construction located at Long hill, New Jersey. We are at your service all time, we will help you create the space, clever garage addition, two story addition, and so on. We will evaluate everything from the pros, cons, costs, and logistics of converting any part of your building to another. We consider size, siting, and access before doing any home addition.

Do you have the additions pictured in your head but you don’t know how to approach the task, feel free to reach us so we can help you physically put down your imaginations. Additions can be built in any direction and come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the project's purpose and design a space that works for you. Cocuzza is an experienced construction company that only give out the best to their customers. Contact us now and let’s make it work together.

We do the home addition in such a way that you find it hard to discover it’s not part of the building, as we do it neatly. We will give you expert tips for extending the roof and foundation, choosing finishes and integrating your home’s operational systems. We do this by following a plan laid down and budget forecasted while writing our feasibility report. We don’t go beyond our budgets and plans as we always look to minimize cost for our clients. We have more than enough living proof of the quality of our work, as we only give the best. Customers that are now living in their dream home. Contact us now, because trust me surely a trial will convince you for the better.