Cocuzza General Contractors specializes in complex and respected erections and infrastructure projects. The portfolio of our contractors includes most of the respected erection, which starts from luxury building, to homes, hotels and very complex building. Our branches home, highly capable and committed group of contractors. Our innovative styles and précising standard for project finishing makes us stand above competitors in the industries. Longstanding relationships with our clients have played a significant role in providing outstanding construction contracting services to companies and government agencies across the world. With our commitment to development and change, we look forward to the future and all the challenges and opportunities that it will offer.

Our General Contractors otherwise known as project manager oversee constructions from the beginning to the end. They plan all phases of your construction project, and also estimate the costs of materials and staffing; the expense involved in securing permits; and the cost for equipment that must be leased or purchased. Based on this estimates, we prepare a budget. Cocuzza also prepare a timetable that establishes milestones for phases of the project to ensure that completion dates are met.

We employ quite a tone of number of professionals who facilitates the construction of our projects. Our contractors interact with the top notch architect who designed the project or the engineer who developed the mechanical aspects of the project. We also work with other professional construction specialists or sub-contractors, such as landscape architects, master electricians or demolition engineers. We typically have direct contact with our client to keep him/her updated on progress of the construction process. We often handle our hiring process with great restrictions due to this we only hires the best.

On any project construction we embark on, there are a number of laws and regulations that must be followed. Local building ordinances do ban certain materials, for example, such as wood shingles which our contractors follow. We follow applicable labor laws, including organized union contracts under which our employees work. We know the safety regulations for various jobs and equipment operators and ensure that our employees comply.

Our General contractors are always at alert to handle any type of emergency that might arise. Our delivery of materials never fail to arrive, and we include the weather uncertainties in our planning phases. Our contractors are responsible for seeing that all of these situations are correctly handled, locating backup equipment or expediting a supply order. When progress is delayed, our contractors seek ways to get the project back on track while staying on budget.

So, if you’re looking to construct a new home, remodel your home, renovation, shower remodel, basement remodeling, shower remodeling, bathroom addition, bathroom renovation and so on. You can always count on us at Cocuzza construction, as we only provide the best service. Call us today and let’s make your dream come true.